Torii Gate, Inc was formed as an entity during challenging times for the Federal Government. Federal Budgets are constrained, IT technologies are changing at an increasingly rapid rate and IT organizations/processes are challenged with meeting its users needs in a timely and cost-effective way.

Mike Przepiora, CEO and founder worked closely with good friend and professional associate Brenda Bearden to design a company with a deep understanding of how to solve problems for Federal Departments and Agencies. Torii Gate is focused on helping Federal leadership with solving today’s as well as tomorrow’s challenges. This requires the experience to lay out a vision for what organizations can deliver within constraints, such as doing more with less.

Torii Gate provides our clients easy access to the right resources that reinforce a Federal organization’s ability to deliver in tough times. Our experience in both the Department of Defense (DOD) and Homeland Security/Transportation gives us a unique perspective to deliver meaningful excellence that is useful, transparent and cost-effective. When you think about evolutionary change, the journey is never ending with many paths and gates. Our vision is to be the premier Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Company that assists you in the complex journey.