Our founding partners and staff specialize in the full life cycle of information technology, excel in the myriad challenges of cyber security, are experts in program and financial management, and are seasoned professionals in acquisition management.

Mike Przepiora, the CEO of Torii Gate Inc., has extensive knowledge and experience in all of our core areas with special expertise in information technology and enterprise acquisition management. He has served as an industry Vice President, a member of federal government senior IT leadership, and an officer in the Marine Corps. Mike understands today’s technologies and how to successfully meet mission requirements with cost effective solutions.

Brenda Bearden, Executive Vice President of Torii Gate Inc., is a former executive at Lockheed Martin and Acquisition Solutions. She recently served as President of B3 Solutions, successfully running operations and business development for 7 years. A former fully warranted Contracting Officer, she is known in the federal and commercial areas as an ethical and trusted business proponent, exemplary executive, effective program manager, and avid contributor to community and professional organizations.